Celebrating the Memory & Works of Patricia Stone

Join us in celebrating the memory and works of Patricia Stone who served as Trustee for 50 years (1967-2017). 

This quarter we shine the Spotlight on Patricia and some of her most cherished California non-profits.

Patricia Stone

Patricia Stone was a philanthropist with a passion for “the arts.” The daughter of Elizabeth and Herbert Herlihy, she was born in Los Angeles California in 1925. Patricia embraced her French heritage whole-heartedly. She was fluent in French and traveled often to France to visit family. She appreciated French cuisine and mastered the art of French cooking.

She was a graduate of Los Angeles High School and UCLA. During a trip to New Mexico to visit with friends, Patricia would meet her future husband, US Naval Aviator Troy Stone. The couple wed in April 1951 after which her husband was immediately assigned to Korea for the Korean War.

A dedicated Navy spouse, Patricia successfully accommodated a total of twenty-four moves during their time as a military family. In 1982, the Stone’s settled in La Jolla, CA.

An accomplished woman, she was a pianist, a painter, a quilter, and a gardener. She delighted in sharing her skills and passion for the arts with her children Richard, Guy, Patrick, and Viveca, her grandchildren and the community. She was a member of the French Book Group and the French Café Group.

A patron of the arts, she enjoyed the theatre, the symphony, the opera and visiting museums. Her philanthropic efforts encompassed the arts, animal conservation, literacy and organizations that empowered those with special needs.

Patricia’s parents were Founding Board members of the Fusenot Foundation, she served as a Trustee from 1967 to 2017.