SDSU Center for Surf Research

Mission Statement

The Center for Surf Research is the preeminent resource in sustainable surf tourism for researchers, tourism operators, communities, governments, and surfers globally.

"The support of the Fusenot Foundation has been absolutely critical to the work of the Center for Surf Research over the past several years. With the support of the Foundation we have been able to impact sustainable surf tourism policies in a number of countries, provide genuinely transformational education experiences for our students, and create an international network of researchers who are actively involved in the conservation of coastal and marine environments in more than 15 countries. All of this has helped us demonstrate to hundreds of SDSU students that they can create careers with meaning around their passions"

Dr. Jess Ponting, Director

SDSU Center for Surf Research

Associate Professor- School of Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Point of Dreams

San Diego State University Center for Surf Research completed a decade long research project on understanding “the impact of globalized surf tourism” resulting in developing the F.A.A.S.T. Lane to Surf Sustainability.

The Team recently released the video Point of Dreams to showcase their studies and findings. The video features comments from Ecotourism Advocate and Fusenot Foundation Trustee Fred Borrelli.