Surf Lifesaving del Sur


Significantly reduce injury and drowning through the training of lifeguards and the implementation of lifesaving services, promote public safety and awareness through education in boating and aquatic skills, enhance coordination of public and private entities toward accident prevention and emergency response, and create public service skills and employment for an expanding sector of youth in Mexico. 

“We want to thank you for your generous grant to Surf Lifesaving del Sur. This grant allows us to continue our work in Cabo San Lucas training Lifeguards. We just completed our 27th Lifeguard Academy with over 200 students coming from all over Mexico. The participants included Firefighters, ZOFEMAT (Federal Government Lifeguards), Hotels, Navy and anyone who wished to learn these skills. Blacky's, the Jr lifeguarding program is gaining steam with more and more youths joining the program and learning about the ocean. Your support goes a long way for the continued success of our program.”

Jimmy Canale, President

Surf Lifesaving del Sur

Surf Lifesaving del Sur founders Laine Pepper and Jimmy Canale extends their gratitude to The Fusenot Foundation for their years of support. 

Learn more about the organization and their success in this fabulous Thank You video!