The Fusenot Foundation

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Animal Rescue


Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego County is dedicated to rescuing and caring for homeless, abandoned and injured Chihuahuas. We provide medical attention, loving foster homes and adoption counseling in an effort to find our adoptable dogs the most suitable forever homes. Chihuahuas are one of the most over-represented breeds in San Diego shelters, and we are committed to reducing this statistic by increasing spay/neuter awareness in our community.

"Thank you very much for the donation to our Rescue Group. It will be used to help many fur babies out on our streets."

Judie Clifford, President 

Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego County


Our mission is to rescue as many dogs as possible from the meat trade and slaughterhouses in China and high-kill shelters in South Korea and find them loving forever homes in North America.

"As we continue to grow and rescue more dogs from these horrific conditions we also continue to incur very high Veterinarian bills. Receiving donations are the only way we are able to provide these dogs with such excellent medical care and we do not hesitate to do what is needed to save a life. This grant from the Fusenot Foundation will absolutely help us continue our mission of saving dogs and finding them loving homes that will never give up on them. Thank you so very  much for the support!" 

Kyle, Co-founder

Bunny's Buddies 



I Stand With My Pack is a non-profit organization providing global assistance to save the lives of animals and prevent suffering and cruelty. ISWMP’s domestic efforts focus on the successful removal of dogs from LA city and county high risk kill shelters, assisting them through the rehabilitative process and successfully placing them in their forever homes.

ISWMP has also created an international platform increasing awareness through education, hands-on field work, disaster relief, fundraising, non-violent protest, and legal action.Additionally, ISWMP extends support and collaborates with like minded individuals, organizations and governments to build the momentum required for sustained changes in animal welfare. These domestic and international efforts support our ultimate mission to create global, long-term solutions for a more humane world.

"As a young "start up" rescue, who in 2 short years have been able to rescue and safe place into homes hundreds of animals, we are honored to be a Fusenot grant awardee.  Your support to ISWMP will go directly towards our 2019 mission of rescuing Senior or hospice level dogs that require additional $$ support towards their care."   

Aleksandra Schiffer

Founder and President

I Stand With My Pack


To rescue animals from neglect, cruelty, abuse and abandonment, provide care, and ultimately match the animal with an appropriate and loving forever home.

"Thank you for your contribution to The AHPHA Group. We at AHPHA are very grateful for your support. As you know our rescue focuses on the most desperate cases: whenever possible, we take animals out of County Shelters, that are on their euthanasia list because they have medical conditions that are too costly and time consuming for the Shelters. Thanks to your very generous donation, we have been able to take some of those hopeless cases out of the shelters and give them the needed intensive care"
Patricia Fournier, Founder and President 
The AHPHA Group


Our mission is to educate the public about German Shepherds, their lifespan, personality, activity level, along with overall responsible dog ownership. We also raise awareness of over population of animals through education, training, spaying and neutering. We work very hard to match each dog with the adoptive families.