Areas of Funding

" The Foundation makes annual contributions to a wide spectrum of existing charities in the State of California as required by its Charter. During its short existence, the Foundation has helped hundreds of needy persons; helped to improve hospitals and medical care; aided students to establish careers to music and the active arts; it has been of direct help to the blind and afflicted and physically and mentally helpless of our State. It is the hope of its Board of Trustees that it and its successors can continue to carry out the wishes of its founder, Germaine Fusenot, long into the distant future, an ever living memorial to the memory of her beloved husband, Georges. "   


Excerpt from the book, The History of the Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation

January 1, 1981 

Since that writing, the Foundation has expanded its path of goodwill 

by providing funding grants to a multitude of non-profits encompassing 

a diverse array of sectors across the Golden State of California.

Over $11 million has been granted in the last 40 years.