Charity Spotlight

Charity Spotlight

Each quarter The FUSENOT FOUNDATION will SPOTLIGHT one of its beneficiaries.

The SPOTLIGHT will provide a more in-depth look at the organization’s programs, information on upcoming events and how the FUSENOT FOUNDATION grants have successfully been employed to bring about positive change in the community.

1st Quarter 2023 Spotlight

2nd Quarter 2023 Spotlight

3rd Quarter 2023 Spotlight

4th Quarter 2023 Spotlight

1st Quarter 2022 Spotlight

2nd Quarter 2022 Spotlight

​3rd Quarter 2022 Spotlight

4th Quarter 2022 Spotlight

1st Quarter 2021 Spotlight

2nd Quarter 2021 Spotlight

​3rd Quarter 2021 Spotlight

4th Quarter 2021 Spotlight

1st Quarter 2020 Spotlight

2nd Quarter 2020 Charity Spotlight

3rd Quarter Charity Spotlight

4th Quarter 2020 Charity Spotlight

1st Quarter 2019 Spotlight

2nd Quarter 2019 Spotlight

3rd Quarter 2019 Spotlight

4th Quarter 2019 Spotlight

1st Quarter 2018 Spotlight

2nd Quarter 2018 Spotlight

3rd Quarter 2018 Spotlight

4th Quarter 2018 Spotlight

Charity Spotlight 2017

2nd Quarter 2017 Spotlight 

3rd Quarter 2017 Spotlight

4th Quarter 2017 Spotlight