The Fusenot Foundation

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Health Care


iSight Missions is a nonprofit charity that provides impoverished persons access to sustainable, affordable, quality eye care and vision-restoring surgeries, and trains eye care providers worldwide. These interventions are cost-effective solutions to reverse poverty & promote ​the fundamental right to sight.  

“Thank you for selecting iSight Missions as one of The Fusenot Foundation’s charities. Your donation will assist us in providing MSICS cataract surgery to the poor across the globe, as well as recruit and train eye care providers to join our battle against blindness.” 

Dr. Jeff Rutgard, Founder

iSight Missions


In partnership with the community, we provide respectful, empowering, high-quality healthcare with the underserved, while inspiring the next generation of health professionals.

“We are deeply grateful for the support of the Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation, which is instrumental in helping us to eliminate barriers to health for our low-income populations with the greatest need.”

Dr. Ellen Beck, Founder and Executive Director 

UC San Diego Student-Run Free Clinic Project: