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56th Annual Meeting

The Fusenot Foundation held its 56th Annual Board Meeting via Zoom on 

October 9, 2022.

Attending the meeting were:

Top Row left-to-right:  Guy Stone (Trustee-Chairman), Mary Vail (Dir. PR), Fred Borrelli (Trustee-Treasurer), and Viveca Berry (Trustee)

2nd Row: Russell Ingledew (Foundation Accountant), Scott Whitman (Trustee-Attorney) , Richard Stone (Trustee- Vice-Chairman), and Patrick Kearney (Investments)

3rd Row: Norm Walker (Trustee), Nellie High-Iredale (Trustee), Gabrielle Stone (Trustee- Asst. Treasurer) and Sally Stone (Trustee)

4th Row: Laura Stone (Foundation Manager)

SoCal Historical Preservation Non-Profits Extend VIP Tours to Their Long-time Benefactor,  The Fusenot Foundation

Fusenot Foundation vice-president, Richard Stone spearheaded the tours that would include a group of close friends; some former military associates and two- enthusiastic US military history buffs, Tomas Pelej and David Lengyel from the Czech Republic.

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Fusenot Grant assists non-profit works in Cabo
55th Annual Board Meeting

Fusenot Foundation funding grant helps non-profit with donation.  

One of our amazing non-profits, Surf Lifesaving del Sur is doing notable works of charity in Los Cabos, Baja Mexico. 

Read about their most recent donation to the Cabo Fire Department. 

Their work in Cabo helps to keep locals, first responders and tourists safer around the beautiful Cabo waterways.  

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The Fusenot Foundation held its 55th Annual Board Meeting on October 3, 2021. For the 2nd year, the Foundation held its Board meeting virtually via Zoom due to precautions for the Coronavirus.

Attending the meeting were:

Top Row left to right: Guy Stone (Trustee-Chairman), Mary Vail (Dir. PR), Scott Whitman (Trustee-Attorney), and Norm Walker (Trustee)

2nd Row: Fred Borrelli (Trustee-Treasurer), Richard Stone (Trustee- Vice-Chairman), Nellie High-Iredale (Trustee), and Viveca Berry (Trustee)

3rd Row: Patrick Kearney (Stockbroker), Gabrielle Stone (Trustee- Asst. Treasurer) and Sally Stone (Trustee)

Bottom Row: Russell Ingledew (Accountant), and Laura Stone (Foundation Manager)

54th Annual Board Meeting

The Fusenot Foundation held its 54th Annual Board Meeting October 4, 2020. Due to the restrictions resulting from the Covid epidemic, the meeting was held virtually via Zoom.

Attending the meeting were:

Top row left to right: Guy Stone (Trustee-Chairman), Mary Vail (Dir. PR), Scott Whitman (Trustee-Attorney), Vivi Berry (Trustee)

Middle Row: Trustees Nellie High-Iredale, Norm Walker, Sally Stone, and Gabrielle Stone

Bottom Row: Fred Borrelli (Trustee-Treasurer), Richard Stone (Trustee- Vice-Chairman), Pat Kearney (Stockbroker) and Laura Stone (Foundation Manager)

Platypus exhibit
Fusenot Foundation donor plaque
San Diego Zoo Exhibit opening

Fusenot Foundation Grants Contribute to History Making Exhibit at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

(San Diego, CA) November 2019 – Funding grants from the Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation contribute to the newly opened Platypus Habitat at the San Diego Safari Park. This history making exhibit within the Walkabout Australia section of the Park features two platypuses, an 8-year-old male named Birrarung and a 15-year-old female named Eve from Australia’s Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

According to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, this is the only zoo outside of Australia to house platypuses—and is the first time in more than 50 years that platypuses have been cared for outside of Australia.

Long time benefactors to San Diego Zoo Global, the Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation earmarked funds specifically for this habitat. Their contributions are recognized with a ceremonial plaque at the park, designed in harmony with the Aussie outback theme, a classic postal mailbox.

Representing the Fusenot Foundation at the official opening activities on November 22, 2019 was Trustee Norm Walker and his grandson Roy.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Notes:

The Safari Park’s world-class platypus habitat includes three pools, naturalistic river banks, extensive tunnels and nesting areas. The habitat was built more than a year ago, in anticipation of the platypuses’ arrival, through the generous gifts of more than 500 donors.

The platypus is a semiaquatic, egg-laying mammal found along the eastern coast of Australia, within the states of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. They live in freshwater streams, creeks and rivers. Platypuses are most active during dusk and nighttime hours, and they generally sleep during the day. To allow Safari Park guests the best possible viewing opportunity and also provide an optimum environment for the platypuses, the lighting cycle in their habitat has been reversed so it mimics nighttime during daylight hours and daytime during nighttime hours.

The platypus is listed as Near Threatened on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, primarily due to habitat destruction, climate change, predation and direct human contact. Scientists do not know the number of platypuses in the wild, but estimates range from 10,000 to 100,000. For more information visit

53rd annual Meeting

​The Fusenot Foundation held its 53rd Annual Board Meeting and Luncheon in September 2019.

Back row left to right: Trustees Scott Whitman, Vivi Berry, Guy Stone (Chairman), Richard Stone (Vice-Chair), Norman Walker, and Nellie High

Front row: Foundation Manager Laura Stone, Trustees Gabrielle Stone and Sally Stone.

Fusenot Foundation Honored by San Diego Center for Economics Education with Competition Award Dedication

(April 6, 2017) San Diego, CA - The Fusenot Foundation, a California based 501(c)3 foundation was honored by the San Diego Center for Economics Education (SDCEE) with the naming of the organization’s annual award to “Fusenot Foundation and SDCEE Economics History Day Awards”. The dedication coincided with the 2017 National History Day Contest in San Diego.

“It is with great pleasure to inform you that in gratitude of the Fusenot Foundation’s many years of loyal, financial support we bestow this dedication. You should be proud of the impact your foundation is making today . . . and in the future of our children,” announced SDCEE Board Member, Rohn S. Trieglaff, CLU, CHRS®, AIF®. “As a long-time benefactor to SDCEE, we are able to continue our work in advancing the economic literacy of the people of California through economic-based programs targeted at teachers and students of Kindergarten through 12th grade, educating them about the fundamentals of the economy and instilling in them an economic way of thinking and problem solving prudent to their participation in a global economy.”

“The Fusenot Foundation is honored by the dedication,” states Guy Stone, Fusenot Foundation Chairman and Trustee. “Programs such as these are analogous with our mission, To enrich the lives and lifestyle of Californians… Empowering our youth through education and economic knowledge will ensure growth and goodwill well into the future.”

As part of History Day, students compete by preparing detailed projects on the topic of economic impact. A portion of the Fusenot Foundation grant is earmarked to be distributed as cash awards to the top four students for their endeavors.

Trieglaff explains, “The award is presented to a few students who have gone above and beyond preparing for their National History Day project and presentation. They have researched the economic aspects within their historical project. And, prepared themselves to discuss with the judges how economics impacted and played an integral part in their project.”

For more information about the 2017 History Day competition,

The Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation Commemorates 50th Anniversary

Foundation Adopts Logo and Launches Website

(January 21, 2017) San Diego, CA - The Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation (The Fusenot Foundation) commemorates its 50th anniversary. The California 501(c)3 foundation was established in January 1967 by Germaine Fusenot with a mission to assist non-profits based in the Golden State.

“We are extremely proud of the foundation’s contributions to our society,” states Guy Stone, Chairman Board of Trustees. “Grants have been distributed to a diversity of the organizations from combatting homelessness, to education, sports, cancer research, veteran’s programs, social issues, animal rescue and many others. In the last forty years, the Fusenot Foundation has bequeathed over $10 million to California based non-profits.”

For the 50th anniversary, the Foundation instituted a branding campaign with the goal to share information about the organization, its history and founder, as well as honor the numerous organizations that have benefitted from the funding grants over the years. An official logo was adopted and the foundation’s first ever website has launched,

The Fusenot Foundation’s volunteer Board of Trustees include: Guy Stone, Chairman; Patricia Stone, Vice Chairman; Janet Kernan, Secretary; Alfred Borrelli, Treasurer; Scott Whitman, Attorney; Charles Gorder, Sr., Viveca S. Berry, Richard Stone and Norman Walker.

A brief history:

Germaine was born in Paris, France in 1886. As a child, she immigrated to the United States with her parents Auguste and Marie Durand Fusenot, settling in California. Germaine’s father, founded the prestigious Ville de Paris department store in Los Angeles in 1893.

A cousin of the Fusenots, Georges Fusenot also immigrated from France to live in Los Angeles, assisting Auguste in managing the department store. In 1907, Germaine and Georges were married. Four months later, Auguste suddenly passed away leaving the Ville de Paris to Germaine and Georges. The store continued to be a successful enterprise and was purchased in 1915 by owners of the Emporium, a well-known department store in San Francisco.

Germaine and Georges were active philanthropist during World War I and II including donating an ambulance to the Republic of France. They also sponsored the French War Relief Chapter of the American Red Cross from 1939-1946, among many other charity endeavors.

Per the book, “History of The Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation” published in 1981, "Germaine desired to leave something in the name of the Fusenots that would show their appreciation to the United States, commemorate Georges’ existence and be of some benefit to their fellow man."

To review a video log of the entire book, visit the website at