The Fusenot Foundation

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Social Issues

From literacy, to child abuse, homelessness and sex trafficking, the Fusenot Foundation has supported organizations that focus on tackling 

some of the state's pressing social issues.


To shine a light worldwide on the global epidemic of child sex trafficking, and in so doing rescue more children from slavery and assist law enforcement to seek justice for those who violate children. We place survivors on a path to recovery by partnering with vetted aftercare providers.

"We are grateful to the Fusenot Foundation for joining the fight to end modern-day slavery – child trafficking. As with the slave trade of old, it takes courageous, dedicated, every-day individuals to abolish this terrible institution. We will never stop pursuing our mission of rescue and rehabilitation until child trafficking is eradicated."  

Nate Lewis, VP of Development 

Operation Underground Railroad


Linking promise with opportunity. A New Way of Life Reentry Project provides housing, case management, pro bono legal services, advocacy and leadership development for women rebuilding their lives after prison.

"Here at A New Way of Life we appreciate the support from the Fusenot Foundation which allows us to better serve the women returning home from incarceration by rebuilding their lives through our housing, employment and family reunification services. We especially appreciate their support during the COVID-19 pandemic where the options for women getting out of prison are limited." 

Michael Towler, Co-Director

A New Way of Life


The California Innocence Project (CIP) is dedicated to releasing wrongfully convicted inmates, providing an outstanding educational experience to law students, and promoting a fair and effective criminal justice system by advocating for change in California laws and policy.

CIP’s target demographic are indigent, incarcerated, innocent individuals who have been convicted in Southern California. CIP has secured the release of 30 individuals and we are actively litigating many more cases. Our caseload grows each year as we screen more than 1,500 new requests for assistance annually.

“Receiving the Fusenot Foundation grant is critical to the long term success of the California Innocence Project.  It provides us the ability to investigate and litigate cases of factual innocence for clients who have no money to pay the expenses.  We could not free our innocent clients without these resources.” 

Justin Brooks, Executive Director

California Innocence Project


Changing social beliefs, attitudes and the behaviors that perpetuate domestic violence while creating a safe space in which to empower individuals and families affected by abuse.

“ We are proud to be partnered with the Fusenot Foundation, to make a lasting impact and inspire change for the many individuals affected by domestic violence who access our supportive programs and services.” 

Margaret R. Bayston, CEO/Executive Director

Laura's House


In partnership with our families, break the cycle of childhood poverty. By seizing the motivational opportunity created by pregnancy and parenthood, HPP joins with families to help them recognize their strengths and trust in their capacity to transform their lives.

“The Homeless Prenatal Program is truly honored by the Fusenot Foundation's support. Your investment helps break the cycle of childhood poverty and homelessness for over 3,500 families annually. We could not do our work without supporters like you.”  

Martha Ryan, Founder and Executive Director

Homeless Prenatal Program


Miracle Messages is on a mission to end relational poverty on the streets and, in the process, inspire people everywhere to embrace their homeless neighbors not as problems to be solved, but as people to be loved.

"The gift from the Fusenot Charity Foundation will enable Miracle Messages to reunite another of our neighbors experiencing homelessness with their loved ones. This means that another person who sleeps on the streets, in a shelter, or in their car will now be reconnected with their social support system, and have a new chance at getting back on their feet. I can't imagine what it would be like to be totally disconnected from my family and friends. Thanks to the support of  the Fusenot Foundation, one less person will suffer from the relational poverty that afflicts so many of our neighbors on the streets. On behalf of them, thank you."

Kevin F. Adler, Founder

Miracle Messages


YWCA of San Diego County empowers individuals and families to break the cycle of domestic violence and homelessness, and achieve self-sufficiency. Serving more than 8,200 people annually, YWCA provides a diverse array of residential programs and community services, including emergency and short-term shelter, longer-term housing, comprehensive housing solutions, and integrated services. YWCA is committed to helping individuals and families secure immediate safety, overcome trauma, improve their economic and housing status, and gain independence. Together, YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and advocating for peace, justice, and freedom for all.

“We are grateful for the continued generosity of the Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation. Their support helps us end domestic violence in our community, and provide life-saving services and vital resources to more than 7,100 people each year in our Becky’s House® Domestic Violence Programs.”

Heather Finlay, Chief Executive Officer
YWCA of San Diego County


To open opportunities for life success by inspiring a commitment to reading.

"The Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation’s continued support of Words Alive allows us

to continue to make reading matter in San Diego. Literacy is the foundation of community and

economic development. When everyone can read, whole communities thrive." 

Patrick Stewart, Executive Director

Words Alive

We serve San Diego's sex trafficking victims by offering a real way out. 

GenerateHope is a Christian faith-based organization providing a long-term, comprehensive, housing and recovery program to young women who have been sexually trafficked, so that they are able to reintegrate into society and walk powerfully into their future.

"Thank you so much for supporting GenerateHope and partnering with us to fight sex trafficking in San Diego. Your support helps us to assist women in need so that they can get on their feet & move toward independence. Without support from foundations like Fusenot we couldn’t do the work that we do."

Susan Munsey, LCSW, Director of Programs

Generate Hope


Voices for Children transforms the lives of abused children by providing them with volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs).

“Voices for Children’s widespread positive impact on the San Diego County foster care community is made possible by the generous support of those who passionately believe in our mission. We are so grateful to our friends at the Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation for your compassion and concern for abused, neglected, and abandoned children. Thank you for your generous funding, which helps to provide safety, stability, and brighter futures for children in San Diego County foster care.”

Sharon M. Lawrence, Esq., President & CEO

Voices for Children


To enhance and improve the quality of life for families and individuals of all ages by providing an array of mental/behavioral health, educational and social services in a fiscally responsible manner. 

“Since 1992, the Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation has contributed generously to Vista Hill’s important programs.  Their support of our SAFIR (Supporting Adolescents and Families in Recovery) program has made a lasting impact allowing us to provide life-changing assistance to thousands of challenged teens and their families over the years.  We are grateful and honored by their support, and appreciate their concern for difficult issues and situations that many turn away from.”

Rachel Peniche, Executive Director

Friends of Vista Hill


New Entra Casa is a residential program for women, and their children, who are coming out of jails and prisons. We are licensed and certified to deliver substance abuse treatment. We meet the need for a place to live while they learn the tools to succeed at breaking the cycles of poor choices, recidivism, and in many cases, abuse. The house is manned twenty-four hours a day by staff. We provide the women with a myriad of services to treat her presenting problems. Every woman is given an individually designed program to address the issues that led to her incarceration. These services include housing, food, counseling, job preparation, life skills, case management, and advocacy.

"The Fusenot Foundation has continued to be a beacon of hope and support for us throughout the years while we have continued to deliver the services our clients need to break the cycles of poor choices, recidivism, and abuse. These grants have met us at our point of need time after time. The support we receive supersedes monetary support. It encourages the morale of our team that works to address the presenting issues for our ladies. It causes us to feel that we are not alone in our belief that everyone deserves a chance at a new way of life. The Fusenot Foundation stands with us as we teach these ladies the tools that will effect lasting change in their lives and the lives of their children.Thank you, thank you, and thank you to all of our friends at the Fusenot Foundation."

Kim Kelley, Executive Director

New Entra Casa


Alexandria House is a transitional residence and house of hospitality for women and children in need. Located in mid-city Los Angeles, it provides safe and supportive housing to single women and women with children in the process of moving from emergency shelter to permanent housing. Alexandria House also responds to community needs and provides a gathering place for residents and neighbors alike. Alexandria House is consciously anti-racist and committed to creating a community with the values of mutuality, dignity and respect.

"The George and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation has consistently been there for us over the years, and they have been faithful in their giving and support." 

Judy Vaughan, Founder/Executive Director
Alexandria House