Social Needs


Giant Steps is dedicated to enriching lives through the power of horses, team and community. Through the excellence of our equine assisted programs, people of all ages, means, and challenges experience the extraordinary benefits of therapeutic riding and activities.

“The Fusenot Foundation’s support of our youth programming is so valuable to Giant Steps. Roughly half of our clients are youth, and present with a wide range of disabilities. For each we work on specific skills that can be taught through horseback riding such as fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination, patience and communication. And while we are thrilled with the progress our clients make, what fills our hearts is seeing the joy they feel to be in a community that does not judge them for what they cannot do, but rewards them for what they can. Their smiles tell the whole story!”

Beth Porter, Executive Director

Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center


The Mission Statement of the Bankers Hill Club/San Diego Indoor Sports Club is to establish a safe and compassionate community for physically disabled persons offering educational, rehabilitative and social opportunities.

"We appreciate the Fusenot Foundation for supporting our organization and contributing to Bankers Hill Club’s goal of establishing a safe and compassionate community for physically disabled persons offering educational, rehabilitative and social opportunities. We are eternally grateful for your support and believing in our mission."

Nita Kramer, President

Bankers Hill Club


St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center educates and empowers individuals with developmental disabilities to realize their full potential.

"The generous unrestricted grant from the Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation helped SMSC serve 414 adults with developmental disabilities (for example: autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy) with a diverse activities ranging from work training programs to multi-disciplinary arts; from aquatics, gardening and farm-to-table food services to a dedicated “senior citizens” program."

Laura Purdom, Administrative and Facilities Manager

St. Madeleine Sophie's Center


Wayfinder Family Services is the place for children facing the greatest challenges. Our mission is to ensure that children, youth and adults facing challenges always have a place to turn. Wayfinder strives for a world in which every child and family can overcome the obstacles they face—a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Formerly known as Junior Blind of America.

"Wayfinder Family Services is proud to have been a recipient of the Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation’s funding since 1973. As one of our longest standing foundation supporters, the Foundation’s loyal investment has enabled us to evolve to meet the changing needs of children with vision loss and profound disabilities. For many of our students and families, Wayfinder Family Services is the only agency in California able to provide the unique and comprehensive services they need to overcome their obstacles and achieve their personal goals. Through your generosity, you provide us with the ability to make these high-quality programs available to thousands of students and their families year after year at absolutely no cost. Thank you again for being a part of the Wayfinder community as our children continue toward greater independence!

Miki Jordan, President and CEO

Wayfinder Family Services

(Formerly Junior Blind of America)