Veteran Programs

Honoring and assisting those who have served our Country.


Our mission is to provide wounded and disabled veterans with customized surfing equipment and community. By equipping the veteran and connecting them to our global community of surfing volunteers; OMW enables the veterans to achieve surf therapy all over the world.

“Thanks to Fusenot, One More Wave is able to provide more wounded and disabled veterans with Surf Therapy with the hopes of impacting the veteran suicide rate of 22 a day.”

Alex West, Founder/Managing Director

One More Wave  


The Helping Paws Foundation keeps military families united with their pets. All too often, troops who are willing to pay the ultimate price can’t afford to pay unexpected veterinary bills. We give back by providing low and no-cost veterinary care for service members and veterans in need. Our 501(c)(3) works to prevent premature relinquishment, or worse yet, economic euthanasia.

"We truly appreciate your donation to the Helping Paws Foundation. It allows us to continue providing low and no cost veterinary care for military families in need. Our troops are willing to pay the ultimate price, but all too often, they can't afford to pay costly veterinary bills. We have offered urgent care and routine procedures for about 2,500 local troops and veterans. In many cases, it has prevented them from having to surrender or euthanize their pets. We couldn’t do it without the generosity of people like you. Thank you for supporting our mission of HELPING VETS BY SAVING PETS!

Hannah Mullins, Executive Director

Helping Paws Foundation


At the Gary Sinise Foundation, we serve our nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need. We do this by creating and supporting unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities.

“On behalf of Gary and the team, I’d like to express how tremendously grateful the Gary Sinise Foundation is for the generous support we received from the Fusenot Foundation. It’s supporters like this Foundation that make everything we do possible. Their generosity has helped us to grow our mission to honor and serve our nation’s defenders and their loved ones. To date, 12 initiatives have been created under four programs: R.I.S.E. Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment, First Responders Outreach, Relief & Resiliency, and Community Outreach & Education. We truly value the Fusenot Foundation’s trust. Together we will continue to improve the lives of our nation’s heroes and their loved ones each and every day.”

General (Ret) Robin Rand

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Sinise Foundation


The Rosie Network’s mission is to strengthen military families through entrepreneurial programs and support services that empower military spouses, transitioning service members and veterans, increasing the financial stability and self-sufficiency of American families who serve.

"Funding from the Fusenot Foundation grant not only provides direct support to the military entrepreneurs participating in our 12-month Service2CEO program to launch or grow a business but is critical to helping them establish a new path and sense of purpose beyond their military service to our country. The result is stronger military families and a thriving military entrepreneurial community that continues to stoke the economic engine in the San Diego region and nationwide."

Stephanie Brown, CEO/Founder & Military Spouse Entrepreneur

The Rosie Network


Our mission is to help wounded and injured active-duty military and veteran heroes move forward in a positive direction through an epic, life-changing surfing experience that builds confidence and healing. One wave at a time. Through programs like Operation Surf .

Operation Surf is a globally recognized surf program that changes the lives of wounded military heroes one wave at a time. Its unique curriculum combines the healing power of the ocean and compassionate mentorship to help our heroes overcome perceived challenges and instill hope.

"Thank you so much for the support of our organization. We are so grateful for the generous donation and looking forward to helping many veterans in need with this gift. This gift will directly support wounded military men and women attending our recreational, adaptive surf program, Operation Surf. The program is a week long and at no cost to our veteran heroes. Thank you again for the incredible support!"

Amanda Curaza, Executive Director

Amazing Surf Adventures

Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station aims to be the leading force in assisting, honoring and supporting the military men and women who have so bravely served and sacrificed for our country. We are committed to supporting our warriors in a variety of ways, providing quality-of-life items, support services and transitional housing designed to assist them and their families during recovery.

Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station assists four main groups of warriors: the seriously injured just returning home from war; those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury; those undergoing physical or occupational therapy, and warriors who have been medically retired and remain in our community. To serve this last group in particular, we pioneered a new approach and opened Freedom Station - a unique recovery transition center and housing facility that provides injured warriors with the acclimation time, guidance and resources to successfully make the transition from military service to civilian life.

“We are forever grateful to the Fusenot Foundation for their very generous support over the years. Their generosity has greatly contributed to our ability to touch the lives of nearly 50,000 Warriors over the past ten years. Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station salutes you for the work that you do.”

Sandy Lehmkuhler, President,

Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station


The mission of the Foundation is to honor the legacy of military service and to provide charitable, art, and educational resources for San Francisco and the surrounding communities. Through its programs, including operating the Marines’ Memorial Theatre, and by its support of the Marines’ Memorial Association, the Foundation will commemorate the contribution and sacrifice of Veterans of all United States military services and educate and serve the larger community.

“With sincere gratitude, I’d like to thank the Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation for your support of the Marines’ Memorial Foundation. Your incredible generosity will allow us to continue to serve as a Living Memorial that pays tribute to the sacrifices of those who gave their all in service to our Country. We will continue to educate Veterans and the community at large on current National Security issues, commemorate the legacy of military service and serve Active Duty service members, Veterans and their families. Your grant in the memory of LtCol Otis Raible of VMA 211 is particularly meaningful to me as my son-in-law was one of the Harrier pilots in that squadron when LtCol Raible lost his life.”

LtGen Jan C. Huly, USMC (Ret), President and CEO

Marines’ Memorial Foundation

Military and Veteran Family Initiatives

“Military-connected families often face unique barriers to receiving high quality psychological health services that support their well being. The Fusenot Foundation’s generous support has provided critical resources to help our center respond to the emerging needs of military children and families. Our team engages families through the development and delivery of family-centered services, including in-person and in-home tele delivery of family programs and resilience-enhancing parenting groups. This support has catalyzed new research and education to advance provider knowledge and promote improvement in the care of military connected families within communities. These initiatives have enabled our team to advance the wellbeing of military members and their families and provide national leadership to shape scientifically supported policy and practices.”

Patricia Lester, MD, Professor of Psychiatry

Director, UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center & Director, FOCUS Program


Operation Freedom Paws empowers veterans and others with disabilities to live a quality life by teaching them to train their own dogs, and certifying them as service dog teams. The dogs, usually from rescue organizations or shelters,are carefully evaluated. Each is then matched to a specific client’s physical and

psychological needs. There is no charge – all we ask is a commitment to complete the 48-week training program.

"We are not traditional in any sense of the word. We treat each client/dog team as a unique entity because each is completely different--- different injuries, personalities, temperaments, etc. As such, we are incredibly honored when a long established organization such as the Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation recognizes and supports the work we are doing on an ongoing basis."

Mary Cortani, Founder and Executive Director

Operation Freedom Paws